Garcia Cabesa de Waca publishes a tax on the purchase and sale of an apartment

Ciudad Victoria.- Sunday night at 11:44 pm, Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Garcia Cabஸa de Veca He uploaded a video on his Twitter account showing a tax certificate issued by a notary public declaring his wealth and paying taxes associated with it.

“With regard to the false allegations of the Financial Intelligence Division (UIF) Regarding the sale and purchase of an apartment at CDMX ”, Garcia Cabesa de Veca tweeted.

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A document is seen in the video, while a voice explains, “The financial certificate issued here is shown here General Notary, Purchase and sale of the department declared to pay the relevant taxes ”.

He adds, that includes Patriarchal declaration The Governor announced the volume of purchases and sales of the department.

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“Finally, these are statements Paying taxes SAT, the Governor and his wife in due course, in accordance with their tax obligations, “

They admit the violation of Garcia Cabesa de Vaga in San Lazaro, but they stop him at Tamaul Lipas

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) No arrest warrant against the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier Garcia Cabபேza de Vaga, For crimes Tax fraud, Organized crime Y Financial fraud.

Last Friday, the Chamber of Deputies Approved to remove immunity Practical, which made him The first governor to lose power.

According to judicial sources, the Ministry of Public Works has not yet investigated the investigation files against Garcia for the above offenses.

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Sources said the FGR would wait for that resolution Supreme Court De la Nacion (SCJN) after announcing that it would file a constitutional dispute to determine who would have the power to prove to their ul Libas Congress, San Lazaro or the local Congress.

With a majority, the Congress of Tamaulipas decided not to continue synchronizing the statement of evidence issued by the Chamber against Ban.

He recognized Garcia Cabosa de Vaca as the constitutional governor of Tamaulipas, so he should continue to serve in the public office elected in 2016, by the will of the majority of the citizens of that company.

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The Tamaulipas Congress defended its practice on the basis of what was established in Article 111 of the Fifth Paragraph of the Constitution; 28, the second paragraph of federal law Responsibilities of Civil Servants, And 44, the second paragraph of the Civil Servants Liability Act of Tamaulipas.

“According to these rules, the State Congress must decide, as appropriate, the withdrawal of approval of the source notice issued by the Chamber in respect of civil servants at the local level. The jurisdiction is such that the Federal Notice has solely the effect of a declaration.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Otherwise, if the federal notice is deemed approved, it will be made available to competent authorities.

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After the decision of the lower house, Garcia Cabஸa de Vaca accused that it was a matter of time Political assassination And criminal planning from the federal government, for which he considered “the law in Mexico lives in dark days, there is no greater justice than the revenge of a few.”

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