Pedro Kumamoto, the young politician, promised the opposite of what he is doing now and fate may strike him

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Being in the world is reality Political partiesFor decades now, They are in a crisis of credibility. Citizens stop voting for them and prefer citizens they identify with. Using this trend, in the 2015 election process, Pedro KumamotoA young politician from the state of Jalisco ran and won as an independent The first independent local subsidiary in the history of Mexico.

Kumamoto's victory showed the way for those who wanted to do politics without joining parties. He also proved that campaigns should not have high financial costs. Their cost is 250 thousand pesos, which is equal to twenty percent of what is established by law. The unprecedented nature of his political success attracted local and national media attention.

Kumamoto's image and critical speech were circulated in the media and on social media. This energy may have prompted him to announce his interest in running for the Republican Senate in 2017. On that occasion he came third in the voting and fell short of his target.

A power struggle implies that It is not an easy path for the lonely..

Pedro Kumamoto promoted and founded the local political party Futuro, which nominated him as a candidate for the 2020 post of Jalisco's Jaboban municipal president. In that campaign he addressed his speech to the youth, the undecided, the unemployed, and those who felt unsafe on the streets, so that they would vote, stop Morena's progress, and eliminate the citizens' movement.

“In particular, Morena should not come to Zaboban to make decisions without evidence and use social projects to position herself in the elections, because the lack of environmental and energy transition decisions has betrayed my generation.” Kumamoto lost and was not elected president of Jaboban.

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Power is like an addiction Subduing beliefs and neutralizing values, then the ambition of politicians to rationalize in the name of the people is presented. Pedro Kumamoto was in this position in November 2023. He announced the alliance of his party Futuro with Morena in the 2024 electionsIn which the governorship of Jalisco will be renewed and He will again be a candidate for the post of Municipal President of Jaboban.

“We decided to create a program of change for the state of Jalisco with the only political force that found contingencies to establish a common agenda for people's rights. For this reason, today we announce our alliance with Morena, PD, Verde and Hagamos” (Radio Formula, November 7, 2023)

In political alliances you give and take. Kumamoto and his party will support Claudia Delcatillo to win the governorship and Morena candidates for the local congress. In return, Morena promises him legislative seats and nominates him as a candidate for Jaboban's municipal president. It is clear that his ambition for power has buried his intention to stop Morena. Its credibility and independence were lost.

The Electoral Court of the state of Jalisco recently agreed that the position of the candidates should be changed in favor. Gender equality, which puts Kumamoto's candidacy for mayor of Joboban in jeopardy. The parties supporting him have made changes in their nomination papers and announced that he will be the candidate. They interpreted the court's decision as interference of the state government in the election process.

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In Jalisco, Morena was unremarkable, which is why he hired Kumamoto to deliver votes for his candidate. Whether he will fulfill his promises is another matter. Overconfidence pays off in politics. Your allies are not guaranteed success. He bound himself with deceivers. People who say don't lie, don't steal, don't betray. It was not easy for him. His opponent, who defeated him earlier, is running for re-election as the MC candidate.

Pedro Kumamoto's path has been fascinating since he emerged almost ten years ago as an independent politician. One who betrayed his ideals The rejection and rejection of the parties, which will be confirmed by the establishment of his Futuro party, and now his alliance with Morena and its return, which leads him to be identified as a liar, ambitious and opportunist. He ceased to be exceptional and joined the heap of indolence. He threw away his credibility.

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