Rat nostalgia marked by encounter with Zee Pita. Why the President of the United States was surprised to see “Nasty”!

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“Bad” The meeting that Joe Biden visited in Romania 8 years ago cannot be forgotten. After No. 1 in the history of white sports came a phone call that Biden wanted to meet him.

How Eli Nastas impressed Joe Pitton

Nastes accepted the proposal and went to the meeting wearing a military uniform.

“I went with my son-in-law and initially when I entered the government access was not allowed because the protocol was very strict.

But, in the end, I was able to go inside and say I took a rocket with me, which I later gifted. Thank you, he sent me an emotional letter. “, Recalled the emotional moment of Eli Nestase.

The former top tennis player mentioned what the reaction of the current president of the United States is.

“The moment he saw me, he wondered if I was wearing a military uniform.

The meeting was very relaxed, and then I realized that he was a man without air, who knew how to make fun, and above all accepted jokes. A guy with a lot of humor. “, Said Eli Nastes.

Eli Nastes wants to see Joe Biden. “He sent me a beautiful letter”

“Nasty” recently said he would like to visit Biden at the White House and get to know him personally, after the American recently sent him a letter.

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“He sent me a beautiful letter! Talk about the friendship between Romania and the United States! Now I want to write him a letter and see him at the White House.

If he wants to meet me, I want to go to the White House too. “, Said Eli Nastes prosport.ro.

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