James Rodriguez: Face as a Twitch Streamer in Response to His Professional Criticism | Colombians abroad

This Wednesday, James Rodriguez had a live summary of Twitz, in which he had the opportunity to clarify some of the issues that have created controversy in both England and Colombia in recent weeks.

The Everton creator sent a compromise message to the national team, then wanted to respond to critics of his new feature as a streamer.

For the people in Twitch, I’m going to create controversy or controversy when I enter here, I want them not to see it, they want to see it as a place to share it with everyone. With games that any young person can play, I want them to see what I do in my spare time, on holidays or in the afternoon.“, He revealed.

In that sense, he made it clear that he would continue to do live performances on stage, but not so often now “because I’m training”. The idea, he stressed, was to see the place as a channel to communicate with his followers, but not for “what are you going to say now”. In the latter, he thanked “all the people who made a good impression.”

On the other hand, he made it clear that this new idea about twitching streaming does not mean he is less professional, he will set aside his career as a footballer.

There is time for everything folks. Just because I’m here, doesn’t mean I don’t focus on my job, what I want, where I want to go. Please do not make a mistake“, He ruled. He made it clear that he would use this space to” clarify many things “about his life.

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For example, he returned to training with Everton on Monday, after crossing the barrier isolation for contact with a player who tested positive for Covit-19. “I’m physically ready for what’s to come,” he said.

He concluded with a clear message: “I focus. Remember, playing and talking to you here does not mean that I am not focused on my work and what I do. There is time to be with family, to practice, and I want to take this place a little closer. I see nothing wrong with this, I do not know about you. I absolutely never hurt anyone”.

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