how to maximize space in a small bedroom

Connect the floor lamps

Create a well-lit bedroom with a layered lighting scheme that includes mood, work, and accent lighting. Ambient or general bedroom lighting can be achieved with pendant lamps, dimmed light fixtures, pendant lamps, or dimmed cove lamps. For reading, work lamps can have bedside lamps or stand lamps mounted on the wall above the side tables. Use warm lights for accent lighting to highlight the decorative features of the bedroom decor.

A layered lighting scheme enhances a room’s décor.

Connect onboard storage

Invest in built-in storage to create a neat, well-organized space. Consider: storage beds, adding storage space to the accent wall behind the bed, adjusting the floating shelves, or creating a window seat with storage space using a window.

Built-in storage in bedrooms is essential for optimal use of small spaces.

Select neutral colors

Paint the walls in neutral colors like white or white due to their ability to transcend light and give a space a light and airy look. However, you can also choose to add some color to a space with soft furnishings or accessories. Dark colors should be avoided as they absorb light and make the bedroom feel smaller and cramped.

Neutral colors allow light to travel in a way that makes the light appear brighter and more airy.

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