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Drink chills quickly.

A cold drink can be very comforting, especially on hot days, which is why knowing some alternatives to get drinks cold faster can be very helpful. Next, I will tell you a basic trick to quickly cooling drinks, so take note of the following.

A trick to quickly cooling your drinks

To use this trick, you will only need a little salt and ice. The trick is done in the same way as making some ice cream, because you will have to put water and ice in a bowl, then pour in a few tablespoons of salt and insert soda cans or bottles. This way the ice will melt faster and the drinks will cool faster. This happens because salt raises the freezing point of water so that it cools to more than zero degrees Celsius (before it turns into ice); Water containing sodium chloride (salt) has the potential to reach temperatures as low as -21°C.

It is important to keep in mind that when performing this trick, the can or bottle may be slightly salty, but it will only be superficial, so wipe it or wash the container as soon as you remove it from the brine. When opening your drink, do it more carefully, because if it is a soda or beer, then this carbonated drink can run with salt and make small bubbles. To prevent this from happening, put the bottle in a bag before submerging it in the water, but this adds another layer of insulation which will prevent it from cooling down as quickly as if it weren’t, the trick will still work and the drink will cool faster than normal.

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Another recommendation

In addition to using the previous trick, there is an additional recommendation that you can do and you will only need some water and a tissue. The procedure is simple, you will have to wet the napkin and wrap your drink container, once you are done, put it in the freezer, when the liquid is very cold the napkin will be frozen and when it is time to drink it. A tissue will keep the can or bottle cool. You will see that it will be very useful for those days when everything is hot.

Bonus trick

Adding ice to a glass may be the quickest cooling option, but when it comes to flavored drinks, this is no longer a good idea, because water changes the composition, which is why we recommend that you make some ice beforehand but with chilled drinks. The flavor you consume the most. If you want the juice to be cold, use ice cubes with the juice, etc. With other drinks, you will see that this way you can eliminate the hassle without changing the composition of your drink.

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