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Members of the Legislative Audit Commission, on December 14, submitted to the Attorney General’s Office the approved report of the Alex Chop case.

I have now been notified with the initial hearing of the SUCRE case, and a Continflada (already 48) has been paidListen to the people of Ecuador. Ecuador Justice, a circus, members “The majority of clowns are part of the Legislative Oversight Commission.”

With that message on his personal Twitter account, former President Rafael Korea announced this Thursday afternoon. In a statement issued by the Attorney General’s Office, This is because an earlier investigation was launched against him for embezzlement.

The initial phase of the investigation against Korea and other public officials of his government was opened a few days later by legislators from the Legislative Oversight Commission. National Fernando Villavicencio (Independent), Ana Belen Corteiro (CREO) And Bruno Sekovia (Independence) to the Attorney General’s Office, which approved the Alex Chap case, a regional compensation body known as Sucre, Folklocans.

Legislators from the Audit Commission are asking the attorney general’s office to fully investigate Alex Chop’s case.

The Sukra organization was led by then-presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela, Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez respectively. Our country would have transacted over $ 2,500 million with Venezuela alone. Alex Chop is currently detained in the United States.

At the December 13 session, the “Report on the Sucre – Foglocons Case Control Process” was approved, in accordance with the document issued, by order of the full session of the Permanent Commission on Political Control and Oversight. Among the recommendations made, the Attorney General’s Office The purpose of its powers is to investigate crimes such as money laundering Assets, illegal enrichment, tax fraud, influence, organized crime, unjustified enrichment, etc.

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On December 22, the Attorney General’s Office responded to the Assembly’s audit committee, stating that based on the information sent in the audit process report, SUCRE – Foglocons ”has ordered a preliminary investigation For the crime of fraud.

According to legislator Villavicencio, the list of those being investigated by the National Judicial Jurisdiction Division of the Attorney General’s Office is headed by former President Korea, who described Sukra as an intelligent co-author of the Unity Compensation System. He clarified Participation of former officials of the Central Bank, National Customs Service, Inland Revenue Service, Supervising Offices of Banks and Companies etc.

Audit Commission, According to legislator Belén CorderoWhat he found was that the banks ” international reserves, the money of the depositors, were available to finance and use the Sukre system. “What happened was that Venezuela was transformed into a Sukra organization,” said a member of the commission.

Participated in the campaign of Raphael Korea and George Klaus is a fugitive in a money laundering case by the Sukre organization.

The Commission recommended that the Office of the Attorney General investigate and determine the responsibilities of those who held the position of Supervisor of Companies from 2010 to 2014. “They allowed new companies to be formed without any support Naturally, to use the Sukre system and give a legal appearance to the illicit money ”.

The Oversight Commission says the prosecutor’s office should also monitor officers’ actions Served as Bank Supervisor from 2010 to 2014. Well, they had the responsibility of overseeing and controlling the authorized operating banks so that they comply with their customers with due diligence. (I)

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