Quinceañera photo goes viral with stray dogs graduating from high school

A fifteen-year-old boy became admired by Cubans a few years ago A gentle photo session with a stray dog He recently graduated from high school

“Hi guys, on February 19, 2020, I made a publication in this amazing quinceanera group, she posed for her 15-year-old photos, a stray dog ​​decided to lie on her lap, her attitude was the sweetest and most gentle of all, she welcomed him and decided to take a picture with him.” I remembered José Roniel Torres Pérez of the Las Cosas de Firulais Facebook group shared the viral photo.

“Well, that girl has completed her studies today, she deserves to be congratulated, she is a beautiful girl with a bright future ahead of her. We need people like this. Congratulations, Olivia,” he added.

Facebook / The Things of Friulis

Torres Pérez’s post received hundreds of congratulations from Cubans, the young woman who stole their hearts a few years ago with her tender photo with a street dog.

In 2020, photos of Olivia dressed as a quinceañera with a stray dog ​​went viral on social media.

Hundreds of comments followed: “What a big heart!”, “Beautiful photo and love, simplicity and affection for animals that are mistreated by so many”, “Wish to see more people like this” or “Need a home, poor, beautiful photo with a puppy”.

The 15 photos were taken by the young girl’s father, photographer Nestor Nunes, who shared them on his social networks.

“We passed nervously because of the fifteen session, the tables, the sun, and as he eagerly approaches, I make a sign to Oli. The rest are themselves: Olivia, who not only embraced him, but also sat down, and Friulis, who accepted the lap they offered, loving and photogenic,” Nunes said on Facebook.

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This Cuban already had two dogs at home, so he asked someone to adopt this stray dog. “There may be another girl… the one who always likes to laugh loudly,” she said.

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