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Meta never ceases to amaze users. At this time, the company has released the option to install Share it Among smartwatches with an Android system, precisely since its version Wear OS 3.0, it arouses the interest of many who still do not know the practicality of this latest alternative.

Unlike the web or mobile version, using the messaging app on a smartwatch is one of the fastest options when you can’t access this tool from another device.

For example, if you are engaged in a game and need to respond to a message, it may be difficult to pull out your smartphone, so this measurement Share it A practical solution. And without, from MAG We explain what activities you can do.

WhatsApp works on Android smartwatches

If you are in doubt about installing the app on your smart watch, here we share its key features.

  • Reply to messages from any chat from the same smartwatch.
  • To do this, a small keyboard will be displayed at the bottom of the device.
  • Likewise, Classic can react to messages with 5 default emojis.
  • You can send emojis instead of texts.
  • Audios can be recorded from the smartwatch and sent to any chat.
  • If you don’t want to write, there is an option to send default replies.
  • Note that end-to-end encryption is available to protect users’ personal information.

At the moment, these are the best activities you can do on WhatsApp from your smartwatch. More tools are expected to come in future updates to enhance your experience.

What is green dot in whatsapp chats and how to remove it

  • This point does not represent the number of messages because there is no number in the middle of it.
  • A green icon will be displayed on the right side of the dialog Share itBelow the time of the last message.
  • What does this mean? It’s basically a tool you activate to mark the chat uneducated.
  • It’s a reminder so you can view and respond to chat content at your leisure.
  • How to remove green dot? There are two ways: first, if you enter the conversation, it will disappear automatically; Second, go through the main interface by clicking on it > press the three dots (top right) > tap on the “Mark as Read” option.
  • Don’t forget to reply to messages so your friends or family don’t feel left out.
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Did you find this trick interesting? Share it? This messaging app is constantly changing and updating, so new shortcuts, codes, and tools are always coming out, making your experience sending or receiving texts, stickers, or multimedia content even more fun. To continue to find the news, you need to enter the following link and more tips Share it Mac, and done. Don’t miss out!

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