Putin’s campaign for re-election is already underway, although he has not formalized his candidacy

Putin’s re-election campaign is already underway, although he has not formalized his candidacy (AP)

Russia It will be held in March 2024 theirs Presidential election And, however Vladimir Putin Not yet formally announcing his candidacy, the Kremlin leader is already on the campaign trail.

The race for the presidency formally began this Wednesday, when Putin met with representatives of election commissions whose role will be fundamental next year, as they will be responsible for ensuring his undisputed victory.

The President asked on the occasion of his 30th anniversary Central Election Commission (CEC) to ensure the legitimacy of elections and transparency in the process is “clear”, although it is difficult to overcome Fraud Elections have been going on in the country since 2011.

Putin later decorated officials — perhaps for their work on March 17 — and praised their work during September’s elections in the four annexed Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia: “I just want. thank you very much For their courage on behalf of me and the country and loyalty to Russia.”

Putin praised the work of the CEC in March and its work on the referendum in Ukraine (REUTERS)

True to his style, the Kremlin leader has already opened the umbrella to foreign suspicions and warned Western countries of allegedly trying to interfere in the process. “As far as the government’s actions are concerned, we will do our best from now on Avoid any illegal interference or external and internal pressure or interference attempt During the election process,” he said.

This – it is hoped – will be one of the pillars of his campaign, shifting the focus of his speech and pointing against him, given his lack of success on the frontline in Ukraine. NATO and allied actors.

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Putin, who has made efforts to eliminate potential successor candidates, has shown high interest in the March election, though he has yet to announce his re-election bid. Sources close to the Russian administration say the news will be released December -Shortly after the election date is confirmed- and controversial to support its launch Constitutional reform Approved in 2020, allowing him to remain in office until then 2036Even though he was sworn in in 2000.

Of course, in any case, a change in the rules would not be enough to keep the president in his place; He must have the support of the majority of the people…or at least it should appear so.

Although it guaranteed “clean” elections this Wednesday, which were “a decisive factor from the point of view of preserving internal political stability,” the reality is that the Kremlin has it at its disposal. Elaborate Fraud Machines It starts with little effort. This is the system Electronic voting It has even been defined by the opposition as a major instrument of official fraud.

Putin will use electronic voting system to rig and ensure his permanence in office (Europe Press)

In this sense, the head of the CEC, Ela Pamfilova, reported that tens of thousands of Russians could. Vote online Thanks to this, confidence can be significantly increased. However, independent observers refuted this version and confirmed that this time Uncontrollable.

“She was right, It is one of the best (election systems) in the world”, Putin supported it and highlighted the presence Video cameras “In most electoral colleges,” it remains “an effective form of civil and social control.” “They are not used anywhere in the world as much as they are used in our country,” the president continued to praise.

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On the other hand, there is another important factor in the construction of a new Putin mandate. about this Vacancy of candidates It can compete with him in the opposition as well as in his constituency.

Outside the Kremlin, however, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov rejected the proposal, suggesting that the Russian should be the only candidate. It is known that all parties with parliamentary representation will contest without possibility. Even the strongest enemy Alexei Navalny Although this task is more difficult to carry out behind bars, he expressed his desire to coordinate the resistance.

Although not expected to defeat Putin (EFE), Navalny expressed his desire to lead the opposition in the election.

This situation of systematic and sustained fraud over decades and lack of options to guarantee a way out has led people to distrust elections. In recent years, the level of participation has continued to decline, with a special focus on large cities.

(with information from EFE)

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