Puntarenas Troclio does not waste time, exhibits classic against Moto: ‘This is a match for us championship’ – Ten

Olympia turned a bad score against the UPNFM Wolves and dominated the 5-1 division and the Meringes technician highlighted his team’s work.

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The Argentine strategist assured that he did not expect such a bulky scoreboard and that it was the result of a meeting process.

“I think we played a great game. When I came to the locker room in the first half, I told the players, regardless of the outcome, that we were satisfied because we had created so many situations that it didn’t work. Two balls were stopped, but we were able to turn the game around.”

He added: “Not all of you can imagine it today. Today’s football is very difficult. We lost a lot in the first half, we were able to play a quiet game from the beginning, but the second time we created the conditions very firm and the game became much harder than we thought. “.

With the dismissal of Mailer Nice and the possibility of using Brian Beckles for the classic match against Mottagua next Sunday, Puntarenas clarified the Troclio player’s physical condition.

“I think Brian agrees in every way. Our goal is to pick him up a little bit and start adding to the playing period. I don’t think he’s going to be on the court for 90 minutes. We’m going to take him until the day we touch him.”

He added: “We have a team that plays with a lot of seriousness, a lot of pressure and some awkward fortune. I think it’s a negligence on the part of Mailer to have the ball in his possession from today onwards. I threw my hand back. A lot of these things happen where they throw you two or three players in a row, and then there are 20 dates when you are not eliminated. Don’t worry about me. “

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After such a wide-ranging victory and the return of the Classic against Mottagua, the Meringue coach did not believe that this decision would change the interest he felt before this type of fight.

“You won, you lost by five goals, no matter how you come up with a classic playing emotion, lost, clever, pulls you in, it’s a step by step trust in you, we have not won this, nothing we change in the next game is going to change. And we know what a classic thing is, but for us it’s a competition for the championship. “

He further assured: “Sometimes you play good or bad, it does not mean you are going to play well or bad the next game. The next day we did not see the real return de Minas took us back, thinking that they were expecting to cover the opposite side, we We created the target environment. “

Troclio was clear he needed to better evaluate what his opponent was doing. “We need to analyze the days when Motacua are playing at this point where we can hurt him or they can hurt us and put us together as much as possible.”

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