Passage Baldivieso reopened as an environmentally friendly space in Tarija

Within the Tarija Verde plan, and the Óscar Alfaro parks and squares recovery plan, the Municipal Government of Tarija gave a new face to the emblematic Baldivieso passage that is located next to the Cathedral church of the city of Tarija, embellishing it with new structures, flower pots and lighting with LED screens, guaranteeing safety and a pleasant recreational space for citizens.

Years ago, the Baldivieso passage housed hundreds of artisans who settled in the place, as well as exhibitors and book sellers, however, at present the municipality seeks to provide a safe recreational space for Tarijas families.

“Although years ago in this place books and handicrafts were sold, this space has not been created for this type of activities, what we have done is to generate a space for encountering life through plants, it has also been placed LED lighting that is energy efficient. The idea is to recover this place as a space to reunite with the Tarija of yesteryear, preserving the aesthetics and conditions that existed years ago, ”said the mayor, Alfonso Lema.

The secretary of Public Works of the mayor’s office, Rodrigo Ichazo, pointed out that for the reopening of the Baldivieso passage, the vegetation has been prioritized, with which it was possible to have a friendly space with the environment and the city. “We want pedestrian traffic in the area to be safe and passersby to take a break from day to day, rest for a few minutes in such a beautiful place. We have given life and security to the passage since, depending on the changes in the seasonal seasons, we are going to modify the type of seedlings ”, Ichazo concluded.

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