Pumas vs Celta de Vigo (1-1) match summary. Goal and half time

The University Club Cougars Tried a little Spain’s LaLiga Also, although they had the best scoring chances, A Rainy night at CU Leave a cool tie against Zelda VigoIn his first game of the season he saw the style still intact.

The conditions were not ideal as heavy rain fell on the lawn University Olympic Stadium And it lasted for the duration of the game, forcing many footballers to take care of sweeps to avoid injuries, and the match lacked physical danger.

Even so cougars, advanced on the scoreboard with A target Diogo de OliveiraA big center hitter Leo Lopez Kick in the corner; A goal like the one scored against Tijuana That -obviously- will be one of the hallmarks of the club this season, aerial play.

Goals from the friendly match between Pumas and Celta de Vigo

Although Cougars The scoreboard read 1-0 and everything was in his favour Zelda Vigo Never gave up on scoring Olympiad and CU And with high precision play he earned Guy’s call Iko Aspaswho took advantage of a large center Augusto Solari.

As we expected, coaches in the second half Andres Lilini Y Edward Godet Moved pieces made several changes: Knives For example, he left before the 70th minute and was substituted after a heavy tackle Eligibility, Vaiko almost hurt the star.

A few minutes later, Cougars When, warned again by the dangerous game Juan Ignacio Tinenno Marpal controlled a forward center and, in one half, sent his shot away and saved Ruben Blanco.

Argentina could be the man of the tournament, but he is also flawed There was a sinister motive After a cross from the left and a side finish to convert a sung goal.

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There Cougars He finished above his competitor, but he could not open the light blue boot, he was wearing black, because his team (T-shirts, shorts and shoes) did not arrive and they had to improvise.

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