Jada Pinkett Smith spoke openly about Will Smith’s slap

Almost 11 days have passed since the most recent edition of the Oscars, the day when audiences around the world witnessed firsthand the reaction that actor Will Smith gave when he slapped Chris Rock on stage. Zada Pinkett SmithWife of the actor mentioned.

Since then, the Motion Picture Academy has spoken, Smith has dropped the Oscars, two of his films have been canceled, and Chris Rock has doubled his show sales.

Now, after revealing himself through the portal, Jada has “broken the silence” U.S. Weekly Magazine Some statements by the actress:

“I am not one of those women who needs protection. He does not have to do what he did, I do not need protection. I am not a cowardly woman, I am a strong woman, a stubborn woman who copes with her own struggles, but I will side with her.

Similarly, the news broke that Will had entered a rehab hospital of his own free will, according to a Hollywood source ‘The Sun’, the 53-year-old actor agreed to “get help to deal with stress” after his controversy. At the awards.

“Will Smith is deeply affected by what happened. He will be assisted at this rehabilitation clinic to deal with the stress and anxiety that will be created by the Oscars 2022,” Outlet said.

Smith’s spore says she wants things to not come “physically,” but she says she’s not angry with her husband.

“She was in the heat and she was overweight.

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Jada Pinkett’s statements were made by his representative, as reported U.S. Weekly Magazine.

World Dominican Community Information Site.

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