Jail officials intervened in the Anamuya compound

The Directorate General of Prisons and Correctional Services (DGSPC) has begun restructuring the facility’s administrative and security mandates. Anamuya, in HigweIt was after last Monday A riot in which a prisoner lost his life and in which a group of prisoners kidnapped a guard for several hours.

The company’s president, Roberto Hernández Basilio, said the site intervened immediately to identify points of conflict and make the necessary changes to improve housing conditions and services.

Temporary address of location CCR14 has taken over as Deputy Director of Therapeutics at DGSPC. Noel Toribio.

“We have launched a comprehensive intervention to restore normalcy. The first thing is to replace the administrative structure, including security personnel, without interfering with the investigations launched by the Public Ministry regarding the events of last Monday,” said Hernández Basilio.

“Now we’re focused Legal aid, health and prison treatment activities This contributes to reducing the level of anxiety in the population,” he added.
During the riots, the authorities added a hundred new mattresses to some of the liberties that had been burned.

In terms of health, assessments have begun to determine the smoking of the premises and cases requiring immediate attention.

Last Monday, the owners were taken to the shelter for reflection after a search in which security personnel seized two cellphones. A group of prisoners surrounded the VTP agents and attacked with white weapons.

A group of inmates restrained VTP agent Carlos Mercedes Mendez, beat him and took him to a secluded spot, while others destroyed locks, cameras, televisions, sinks, toilets and burned mattresses, prompting the intervention of firefighters and the National Guard. custody

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As a result of gunshots, four The prisoners were injured.

Two of the victims, including Victor Manuel Marte Castillo, were taken to hospital.He died in a shooting.

Other inmates with minor injuries were also treated at the same centre.

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