Puerto Rico won and went to Selecta in the qualifiers

The Puerto Rican side will be fighting hard to qualify for the third round of next year's Concacaf qualifiers after ruthlessly defeating Anguilla.

The Jose Ramon Lubreal Stadium in Bayamon was the perfect venue for this. Puerto Rico Won the 2026 Concacaf World Cup with the best win of the entire first FIFA window (8-0). EelIt appeared only in the Puerto Rican city.

Puerto Ricans, however, were left out Jarek Valentine, Condemning the dire economic conditions on a day-to-day basis offered by the confederation, they quickly moved up the scoreboard by making two more changes to the squad that stopped in San Salvador on Thursday.

La Selecta enjoys red numbers in the FIFA rankings with June's results

At the age of 21, the Real Madrid player Castilla, Jeremy De Leon opened the scoring with a penalty and then, Roberto Yatrak He went close to taking the lead in the 33rd minute as they went into half-time.

The game was uneven in the second half Wilfredo Rivera He made his presence felt with a superb goal from outside the area in the 48' and three minutes later, De Leon made a personal effort and beat the Angolan goalkeeper to make it 4-0.

Photo: EDH/Emerson Del Cid

Leandro Antonetti In the 58th minute, Wilfredo Rivera again in the 65th minute, Darren Rios 70' and a title Nicholas Cardona They beat Puerto Rican in the 90th minute, thus securing them second place in the qualification round for North America 2026.

This way, the tie will return until next year with duels: St. Vincent and the Grenadines vs. Anguilla, Suriname vs. Puerto Rico, Anguilla vs. El Salvador, Puerto Rico vs. St. Vincent and the Grenadines and El Salvador vs. Surinam.

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