Mutua Tinerfeña opens Mutua Tinerfeña space in La Laguna – Tenerife

The president of Mutua Tinerfeña, Juan Antonio López de Vergara, presented on Tuesday to the media Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña, an estate located in the historic center of La Laguna, on Nava y Grimón Street, No. 6.

In this sense, he explained that the Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña “was born as part of its institutional social commitment to its subscribing members and the Canary Islands” and can be used as of June 17 to hold various projects, thus promoting the growth of the archipelago.

“Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña aspires to become a place of reference in the islands, to celebrate professional and cultural activities and thus serve as an open meeting space,” stated the President, who was accompanied by First Vice Mayor of La Laguna, Badil Albelo.

In this way, he expressed his gratitude to the City Council of La Laguna in the person of the First Vice Mayor for his willingness and cooperation in opening this property. “This new space not only represents an important landmark in La Laguna, but will also serve as a center for cultural and social activities. He added that cooperation between the City Council and various stakeholders was instrumental in realizing this project that will strengthen the social and cultural fabric of this city.

During the press conference, an exhibition by Lagunero artist José Abad, entitled Madreyerro, was presented, one of the most complete and most notable exhibitions he has ever made, an example of new works that have never been shown and are practically unpublished.

In this regard, the President of Mutua Tenerfina noted, “It is a pride to have an artist of José Abad’s stature in the new Mutua Tenerfina space, with work that reflects the artist’s deep connection with the land and nature.” Not only enriching our cultural offer, but also confirming our commitment to local art and culture, Madrero is an exceptional example of his talent and sensitivity, and we are sure he will be very well received by the audience.”

For his part, First Deputy Mayor of La Laguna, Badil Albelo, indicated that being in this space is essential for La Laguna. It is a pleasure to welcome you to this place, to this meeting point where we can open a space for culture and community within the city. He pointed out that La Laguna is not only a World Heritage Site, but also a cultural capital and with this building we will continue to present culture and identity.

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“I’ve known Pepe for a long time,” explained Madrero Gallery curator Carlos Pinto. When he asked me to be the curator of this exhibition, I said yes and we embarked on this exhibition which was initially intended to be built from his works already completed since 2011, but when the gallery was called he began to make transformed sculptures. One morning when he arrived at the studio he told me that he was having fun like a kid. It's been a year of hard work, but he's left behind some great work.

Likewise, this event was supported by the Mutua Tenerfina Management Committee and its General Director, Joaquín Ramírez Córdoba, who confirmed “the strategic objective that Espacio Mutua Tenerfina has for the entity and for the Canary Islands.”

Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña is an insurance company concept dedicated to Canarian society as a whole, “especially the world of business and culture,” Ramírez explained. He also pointed out that Mutua Tenerfina has had spaces for the same purpose on other islands for more than two years, especially Espacio 100, located on Luis Dureste Silva Street, 7, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Its architecture and spaces

Located in a newly constructed building, it has an area of ​​approximately 3,000 square meters and includes different spaces that make it a multi-use venue.

The building, which is separated by a central courtyard into two volumes, has a facade to the west, on Nava y Grimón Street and to the east, on José Clavijo y Fajardo Street, and thus has two entrances and this arrangement is a design requirement to connect both. Tickets are through a continuous tour called the Audio-Visual Pass.

Natural stone and wood are the main materials used in the new work, recalling traditional Canarian constructions, combined with the white color that characterizes the architecture of our island. The main facade, overlooking Calle del Agua (present-day Nava and Grimmon), combines copper and wood. The first material was distributed in vertical TECU oxide sheets of laminated DHP copper, pre-anodized on both sides and of different widths. For its part, mulberry wood was used in its doors and windows. The large reference door, the work of Laguna artist Jose Abad, is designed as a sculptural piece divided into panels with decorative motifs. Wood was also used to frame the façade openings, with functional upper openings, but not fixed lower openings, highlighting a larger glass panel designed as a form of façade.

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The building, in addition to attention to its architecture and use of materials, was designed as a space in which technology plays a special role.

Throughout the path of the arrival floor, the visitor is accompanied, through 63 linear metres, by the audio-visual corridor with large-scale projections on the walls of the space. The use of technological elements also extends to the hall floor, which is equipped with the latest audio-visual materials, in order to generate a unique experience in developing audio-visual presentations.

Every corner of Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña is designed for the enjoyment of its visitors, by having different environments for art, exhibitions of different types and large-scale projections that generate an immersive offer from an artistic, historical, cultural and natural perspective.

Culture, training and entertainment are also present in the modern hall equipped to accommodate more than 175 people, offering them the best audio and visual experience, in addition to a modern foldable seating system that allows the space to be adapted to the needs of each individual. It happened. The terrace is located on the top floor, a place with unique views of the historic and heritage center of Los Adelantados, which is presented as the ideal enclave in which to conclude those events held at Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña.

Your artwork

Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña, as part of its commitment to culture, permanently displays three sculptures, in addition to the aforementioned sculptural door, all works by the prolific La Laguna sculptor and artist José Abad. The first is a large-scale wall sculpture made of Corten steel, called Dialogue with Vulcano s. 21st, located in the central courtyard as if it were a large relief painting.

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In the same place there is a statue on a wrought iron base called The Preacher with the Bird. The third free-standing sculpture, called the “Door of Manolo Millares,” is found on the terrace on the top floor of the building, which frames the lake sky.

Temporary exhibition: madreyerro

The opening of Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña coincides with the opening of the exhibition to the public, on June 17, by artist José Abad, who will host the venue for the coming months. It is one of the most complete and notable exhibitions ever undertaken by the artist, whose mastery and ingenuity populate Madder (the title of the exhibition) a vast sample of his work from 2011 to today. Madreyerro thus becomes an exhibition of new works that have never been exhibited or published.

The exhibition curated by Carlos E. Pinto, director of Artizar Gallery, has in its main section 16 large wrought-iron sculptures, most of which were executed or completed between 2022 and 2023. In addition, there are two groups of smaller works representing further lines of development of his work with iron, the material that took precedence in his sculptural practice, closely followed by wood. Thus, we find, in coexistence with iron, pieces of tea wood and works executed from barbosano wood, recovered from the core of the old beams and transformed into works of art that are displayed for the first time.

Madriero's sculptural presence is complemented by a selection of small-scale works from the author's collection, where the intimate and playful take on greater importance. The exhibition is completed by his other favorite form of expression: collage. It is represented by a series of dialogues with Vulcano, which is closely linked to the monumental sculpture installed in the central courtyard of the space.

The exhibition can be visited from June 17 until the end of September. Entry is free, and can be supplemented by access to the full catalogue, which will be available for purchase at the exhibition itself. For more information about Espacio Mutua Tinerfeña, you can contact us via email: [email protected] or visit the website

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