CONCACAF: Rayados coup against Messi and Inter Miami

Messi and company could do nothing to avoid a 5-2 aggregate disaster against Rayados in the Concacaf Champions Cup.

Quadloupe — Lionel Messi And this Inter Miami They were humiliated and beaten Monterey. A solid 3-1 to Global 5-2, striped Gerardo Tata beat Martino and went through to the semi-finals without any problems Concacaf Champions Cup.

Inter Miami They suffered in the low end and they paid dearly for it. Brandon Vázquez completed the first oversight with a Sergio Canales cross, but Drake Callander saved well with a crucial reaction to send it all out for a corner kick.

The game was tough. Neither team was holding anything back and the kicks continued on the broken PPVA ground as the ground was far from carpeted and staffed. striped He came to fix it as soon as the match started.

when Inter Miami Wanted to go ahead and finally settled on the 'Steel Giant', a rude mistake came from Callender. The visiting team's goalkeeper made an unforgivable mistake and finished with the goal striped.

Callander looked to play out of his area, but gave the ball to Brandon Vazquez, who pressed hard and eventually won the prize. The goalkeeper made a poor pass and beat the La Bandilla striker who finished well to the delight of the fans.

Messi He clapped his hands and asked him to raise his face. Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez are absent. When the Uruguayan finally got a break against Esteban Andrada, the referee disallowed his goal for clear offside.

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In the filler, striped He did not lower his hands. He wanted to make a speech and they never dropped the ball. They were the ones who dominated the game from start to finish with few sparks from the Florida team who couldn't find a partnership to reach Antrada's goal in peril.

Monterey The German was surprised by Berterame and a great goal. The striker made an impact from outside the area after receiving a pass from Gerardo Arteaga and picking out Nico Freire with no problem. His shot went into the corner and extended the lead.

Security Inter Miami It was a joke and their mistakes made them prey to the shame they suffered Monterey. As if that wasn't enough, Jesus Gallardo scored the third goal with a header after another blunder by the visiting defence, which gave away the win after an early error.

Messi And his friends no longer know how to cope striped. 'Tata' made no changes and the Monterrey fans had a party at BBVA. The pitch heated up and Jordi Alba was sent off for a double yellow.

Diego Gomez did the honors after the cross Messi After a mistake. target Inter Miami It's an ill-fated consolation prize for Florida's aspirations.

With their gaze lowered and feeling like they were never equals in the series, The Inter Miami of Lionel Messi And against some 'Tada' Martino was dismissed striped Who will now face Columbus Crew in the semifinals Concacaf Champions Cup.

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