Public schools in Chihuahua don’t have money for air conditioning, but they do have money for advertising

Chihuahua is a state ruled by María Eugenia Campos. (Providers)

In Chihuahua, air conditioning is prohibited in schools. The argument is economic: the state government says more electricity is being wasted. In the published letter HoweverYou can read the decree of the Government of Maria Eugenia wart Campos establishes that schools that want to use air conditioning must pay their own bills. Because even with high temperatures in this state, public resources will not be available to meet these demands.

The document, dated Aug. 22 and signed by Undersecretary for Planning and Administration Aurora Solis Melendez, establishes guidelines for state schools to follow:

Basic education schools that have meters within centralized accounts are not allowed to install minisplits, as this creates excessive power consumption, as well as substation changes, rewiring or the addition of measuring wires”. Likewise, schools that ignore them will lose their place on the “centralized accounting list,” the undersecretary recalled. That means you have to cover the expenses in your own way.

The situation gets complicated when you take into account Chihuahua’s extreme temperatures: Last week, only one day was below 30 degrees. Also, as recalled in the note, last month the institute reached temperatures above 40 degrees during the third national heat wave. The problem is already large: the minimum condition for children and adolescents to study adequately cannot be guaranteed.Above all, to avoid heat stroke – assuming that classrooms can feel suffocating, due to limited space.

But there is an aspect that makes it even more disturbing and outrageous. They say they don’t have money, but have it for other “needs”. For example, according to Joanna Free, the government of this state spent 345 million pesos on official advertising last year. Promoting the image of the governor is more important than providing students with a conducive environment to study. And This government is more interested in engaging in controversies over textbooks.

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Yes, the debate is huge and covers the entire country. But it was he who decided to take the issue to the Supreme Court and was able to stop the distribution of the textbooks. The problem, one of many, is that he doesn’t have a plan. So, it was his idea to ask the community to donate books that could be donated to be distributed by the Ministry of Public Education.

It is clear that Campos’ actions had little to do with the public interest. How do you explain that you have enough money to promote your film but can’t meet the needs of students? It is because of this indifference that he hopes to make a big name in Mexican politics. For those who need money, it’s not when to go, it’s when to satisfy her. Getting in the loop with federal authority is important, but not without providing real solutions to students. That is what the politics of María Eugenia Campos does, and it doesn’t seem likely to change.

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