PLD in the case of coral: Nothing distracts us from our agenda

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) is committed to fulfilling its agenda and will bring it to power in 2024.

For this reason, you will not be distracted by anything that takes you away from that purpose. Hector Olivo, the communications secretary of that political body, was questioned this Sunday about his comments on corruption cases being investigated by the public ministry, which has sabotaged the arrests of several former government officials. Management.

“The PLD has an agenda that it is going to execute a letter and nothing will distract the PLD from this commitment,” he stressed.

One example of this is the work they do with meetings of their internal organizations, which are often growing.

Olivo said the PLD’s National Assembly has daily activities, including meetings and conferences, and that former President Danilo Medina is sent every day from the offices of the political committee to head the organization.

In this regard, PLD spokesman Ivan Lorenzo in the Senate also noted that he believes the investigation process against his fellow party members will not be biased.

“We respect legally established institutions and the power to investigate any citizen. We want the public prosecutor not to be biased in the fight against corruption. It is not a fight against a company, but in general, make it a serious fight,” he said.

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