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Cartagena is one step closer to becoming a smart and sustainable region thanks to the progress made in building science, technology and innovation (CTeI) public policy. After receiving a positive concept from the District Planning Secretariat on October 17, the policy began its formulation phase, marking a crucial milestone in its development.

This policy has succeeded in passing the general agenda stage, where a detailed diagnostic document was prepared that presents a comprehensive vision of the science, technology and innovation system in the city. Read here: The concessionaire pointed out “darkness” in a section of the western torso

In addition, it identifies broad issues, critical points and strategic factors derived from active community participation in the 16 Creative Tables held between May and July, attended by over 500 people.

“This is good news for the city, because it is the first time that Cartagena has such a complete and accurate view of its CTeI ecosystem,” noted Ingrid Solano, Head of the Information Technology Consulting Office, the entity responsible for coordinating this process. ., which will allow us to develop products that meet the needs of society.” The diagnostic document is available for consultation on the policy website: [enlace](

In the formulation phase, the main actors of the quadruple helix (society, productive sector, academia and state) who have been involved in the process since the recruitment phase will be called. The goal is to continue networking and cooperation that achieves this general policy. Read also: Bolivar Passport Office extends its working hours

It is important to highlight that the CTeI public policy has technical assistance from the University of Cartagena and the Regional Planning Secretariat. This project is an essential part of the development plan “Let’s Save Cartagena Together 2020-2023”, specifically in the “emergency” pillar, under the strategic line “Economic Development and Employability” and “Developing the Ecosystem Based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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