Prosecutor’s office releases video of Alejandro Muyshond alive

Former presidential adviser Muyshond, who was arrested on August 9 on charges of being a “double agent”, will be arraigned this Wednesday.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic published a video on its X account on Wednesday afternoon in which Alejandro Muyshond appears handcuffed and holding a newspaper while listening to a judicial announcement.

Muisant, Nayeb Bukhele is a former security adviser to the PresidentArrested on August 9, according to his relatives, his condition had deteriorated in recent days.

On the day of his arrest, President Bukele announced that Muyshond was a kind of “double agent” who was leaking information to former President Mauricio Funes.

“Yesterday, at night, @FGR_SV notified the accused Jorge Alejandro Muyshondt that a special investigation will be held within the framework of the process conducted against him today and ordered by the Sixth Court against organized crime.” A release from the Ministry of Public Affairs indicated that the hearing would have taken place this Wednesday.

In the video, the tax employee explains the following to the former presidential security adviser: “I am going to comply with the order issued by the Sixth Court against organized crime published in the San Salvador sector. Mr. Alejandro, that you are being prosecuted for the crime of evasion and disclosure of facts, acts or secret documents by an official agency, Proceedings as financial representation will last approximately 8 hours and 30 minutes to inform you that tomorrow, November 1st, a special hearing will be held to review, as requested by his defense or his public defender, the purpose of which is to discuss the extent of your current temporary detention.

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Alejandro Muyshond served as security adviser to Nayeb Buhel’s presidency. Photo by EDH/Archive

At the time of publication of this memo, as of 6:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office had not released additional details on what the investigation resulted in.

In recent days, the mother of former presidential security adviser Patricia Alvarez, He had asked the government to provide information on the health and well-being of Alejandro Muyshondt.

In mid-October last year, Alejandro Muyshond was taken to the Saldana Hospital in Plains de Renteros after a stroke that left him unable to speak or move, sources from the Ministry of Health and Penitentiary Centers told TODAY newspaper. . A few days later, the same sources confirmed that Muyshond’s condition had improved and that he had regained his speech.

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