“Protesters attack Israeli and US embassies around the world” | Daily list

Several attacks by protesters against the diplomatic headquarters of Israel and the United States have been recorded in various parts of the world in the framework of the ongoing conflict between Israeli authorities and the Islamist group Hamas, after the bombing of a hospital in Gaza. reported.

The largest demonstrations took place in Istanbul (Turkey), where a crowd carrying pro-Palestinian flags and banners gathered in front of the Israeli Embassy on Tuesday night, then defied a police barricade to enter the facility.

Incidents have also taken place in Beirut (Lebanon), the same North American country of Iraq, Israel in Jordan, France in Tehran (Iran) and the US Embassy in the United Kingdom. in the same country.

Israel has denied responsibility for the bombing of Al Ahli hospital in Gaza that killed at least 500 people.

An Israeli military spokesman said, “Several intelligence sources indicate that Islamic Jihad was responsible for the failure of the rocket that hit the hospital.”

“The Israeli military’s operational systems analysis indicates that terrorists fired rockets into Gaza that went very close to Al Ahli Hospital at the time it was struck,” an Israeli military spokesman said in a statement.

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