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As is the case with Wi-Fi, some have certain cell phone functions turned on. He Bluetooth One of them. Its continued use is particularly for connecting wireless accessories such as headphones.

And, it can happen to turn off And the light This tool can become increasingly annoying or you will forget, so you always want to be active. At first glance, it seems harmless, but this habit can occur Effects to you privacy.

We tell you why experts recommend keeping it Off He Bluetooth from you device.

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Why Disable Bluetooth?

The connection Bluetooth It helps users in various ways. Allows you to connect with Technical partsas earphones and smart watches, as well as enabling files to be transferred between them devices.

Generally, this digital tool requires a process called “linking” to be activated. In this you recognize synchronicity with the other device For information exchange.

However, specialized companies like United States Federal Communications Commission It has warned on its website that this category Bluetooth connections They can become “vulnerable access points” for cybercriminals to steal your personal data.

In this regard, the main recommendation of the said commission to turn off He Bluetooth When you don’t use it. With that, he says on his website, he lets hackers know what others are devices You have bound Before your approach and falsify one of them mobile phone.

On the other hand, Step USA Todaylet go Start This feature can lead to vulnerabilities such as receiving spam messages and receiving malicious links, which can allow cybercriminals to access your personal data and steal your identity.

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What can you do to protect yourself?

to turn off This tool is not the only recommended safety measure United States Federal Communications Commission. It also recommends using it in “stealth mode” so that third parties can’t find you device Your access is not there Bluetooth connection. Also, call Disconnect The ones you no longer use or interact with.

For its part, USA Today Recommends not accepting any request Connecting from devices You do not recognize any suspicious messages or files.

In addition, the US media warns of the dangers of transmitting classified information BluetoothEspecially in public places, hackers can steal easily.

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