‘Primitivo’ Plato Maradia goes back to the marathon and adds to the first victory of the competition

Minute by minute:

Full time! Not too long ago, at the end of the fifth day of the 2021 Aberdera competition, the Platons came back and won the marathon 3-1. This is the first victory for ‘Primitivo’ Maradia’s Tiburon.

Min.90 + 5 The long ball of Angel Velasquez, who went alone, reached Platten’s deadly counter-attack, reaching Denovan Torres and defeating him with a left foot shot. In the previous play, the marathoners demanded a penalty.

Min.90 + 4 DO PLATNES!

Change at least 90 + 2 platens! Hesler Morales enters and Yasser Santos exits, leaving Excelsior fans with great enthusiasm.

Min.90 We reached regulation time and five minutes of play will be played.

Min. 89 UFFFF! He was almost disbanded by Plattens, who assisted Angel Velasquez in a counter-attack led by Hector Aranda.

Min.85 Yasser Santos hit back for his double signing, which he did with a shot that left Denovan Torres without the will and madness in Excelsior.


Min.81 Yellow Card! Anthony Cervantes was enlisted in the platoon after a misdemeanor operation against Edwin Solani Solano.

Min. 76 Special! After seeing the second yellow card, athlete Walter Adrian Ramares left the marathon with 10 men.

Double change in mini.73 marathon! Luis Carrido and Mario Martinez were replaced by Raineri Meyerquan and Ovidio Lanza.

Min.72 Diburon’s good play to the right of Hector Aranda, Denovan Torres could not catch the ball and Yasser Santos hit him for a local tie, 1-1.


Min.69 Yellow Card! Jose Domanguez was booked into the platoon after a fraud against Edwin Solani Solano.

Min.68 Edwin Solani Solano is stuck in an advanced position.

Min.65 Denovan throws Torres to the ground to waste time and calls for medical help. The marathon goalkeeper has already done so many times in the sport.

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Min.63 Yellow Card! Luis Guerrero was registered in the marathon for a misdemeanor offense against Jorge Cardona.

Min. 62 Balu! Brian Castillo’s long-range shot and the ball bounced horizontally to surprise Mariano Pineda. Platinum saved.

Min.61 Mario Martinez’s free kick clears Jose Mariano Pineta, but he does it badly and Castley tries a Chile, which is very distracting.

Change in the Mini.56 Marathon! Carlo Castley enters and frees Lopez out.

Min. 53 ¡UFFF! The corner taken by Jose Tomangues, joined by Anthony Cervantes on the knee, was saved by goalkeeper Purslane Denovan Torres.

Min.51 Yellow Card! Solani was registered with the Ospel Perez Platteness after a fraud case against Solani.

At least 49 Mario Martinez took the corner and destroyed the Platons defense.

Min.48 Freels Lopez escaped to the left and when he started to hit him, Caesar Osqueira passed just in time to send a corner.

Min.46 The marathon also made a difference: Edwin Solani Solano entered and Jean-Charlo Vargas left.

Let’s move on to the second part! Plato made a change, William Moncada entered and Javier Murillo left.

Halftime! The marathon went into the halftime with a 0-1 lead over the Platons due to a goal by Brian Castillo.

Min. 43 Postie! From the left side of Yasser Santos, two Yarsen cuties hit on one head and the ball collided right perpendicular to the emerald curve. The marathon was saved.

Min. 39 Jarson Gutierrez missed it, he went alone, but it hit him terribly. Platten’s fans lamented at the stands.

Change in Min.37 Plato! Kelvin Matteo enters and Marcos Martinez exits.

Min.35 Mario Martinez was revived with a free kick, he played fast to Emilio Isakuer, he sent the center and striker Brian Castillo sent the ball to the bottom of the Celsian goal.

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Mini. 34 Marathon!

Min.32 Mario Martinez takes a free kick towards the Plattens goal.

Min.27 Yellow Card! Walter Adrian Ramares recorded a marathon against Marcos Martinez.

Min.24 Freels Lopez was looking for another ball and Jose Mariano came out well to block the Pineta Purslane attack.

Impossible to increase to at least 20! Mario Martinez scored a goal for Brian Castillo, but the marathon striker missed under the goal and sent the ball over. This is the clarity of the game.

Min.17 The marathon is starting to get more motivating. A good filtered pass from Mario Martinez to Brian Castillo came out alone, but goalkeeper Jose Mariano Pineda came out just in time.

Min.14 ¡Uyy! Friels Lopez header after Mario Martinez’s cross, and the ball goes over Plato’s goal. Good chance for the Purslane team.

Min.13 Emilio Izaguerre escaped to the left, raised the center and sent defender Marcos Martinez into the corner.

Min.11 Again, Perez won the foundation, sent the center and Madas Decera was well destroyed.

Min.10 The marathon is attempted on the right with the center of the allen Vargas, which cannot be connected by Freels Lopez.

Min.6 UFFF! Double storage of Denovan Torres. Ospel Perez overflowed on the right side, he created the center, Jose Tomanquez hit him and closed the marathon goalkeeper, he saved his team again with a shot taken by Yasser Santos in the next act.

Min.3 Up to seven changes have been made by Martin Tado Garcia, the 11th owner of Green Monster. Kervin Ariaga has already joined the Honduras national team because he was eliminated against Vida.

Min.1 Plato’s first announcement. Yasser Santos’ free kick marathon goal came out.

Paul moved! The Platons and the marathon are already denying the race to finish the championship date 5.

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Raman ‘Primitivo’ Maradiga puts the premiere at his home this Thursday. Plantens, now under the command of the Honduran coach, takes the Uruguayan Martin ‘Tato’ to Garcia’s marathon at the Excelsior Stadium, where he seeks to straighten out the course and leadership.

The fight of contradictions. It is not yet known what El Thiburan will win in the current Aberdeen 2021-2022 match, with four games in which it has lost three matches and reached a draw, adding one point out of a possible 12 points.

‘Primi’ Maradia introduced the last date, it did not happen exactly, UPNFM Lopos conceded a painful 3-0 defeat. Today you have the opportunity to get a good start in Puerto Cortes.

On the other side comes the Green Monster, who is fighting for higher positions. The Emerald team began to wipe out the championship with three consecutive wins, but the day before it fell from the clouds, with Vida winning 2-0 at La Ciba.

The marathon winner wants to be at the top of the race in yes or no, currently with 10 points for Motagua, which is one more than the Sampetrano team, matched with Vida, both with 9.

Headline arrangements:

Site: 24 Jose Mariano Pineda, 39 Ospel Perez, 2 Anthony Cervantes, 5 Marcos Martinez, 28 Caesar Osegura, 14 Jorge Cardona, 20 Hector Aranta, 43 Jose Tomangues, 52 Javier Murillo, 44 ​​Yasser Santos and 11 Jarson Guterres.

Marathon: 25 Denovan Torres, 27 Carlos Garcia, 23 Mathias Degra, 15 Allans Vargas, 7 Emilio Isaguerre, 10 Mario Martinez, 48 Adrian Ramரேrez, 8 Luis Corrido, 12 Jean Carlo Vargas, 9 Freeles Lopez and 38 Prius.

Notes: Orlando Hernandez, Alberto Mesa, Arlene Hernandez, Raul Castro and Vivian Rodriguez.

Hours: 7.00 pm.

Exchange: Diego game.

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