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“Whoever does not know its history is condemned to repeat it.” This phrase is attributed to two characters: the poet and philosopher Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás and the lawyer, journalist, politician and statesman Nicolás Avellaneda. Regardless of who it belongs to, it encompasses a great truth that keeps repeating itself.

Throughout the ages, in the history of humanity the same scenarios have been repeated countless times with the same characters and circumstances; perhaps with different names and faces, but they remain the same. So why do they repeat themselves?

We are living in confusing times, complex but not unlike those that humanity has faced in its history. Epidemics and pandemics are not unusual events of the 21st century, but go back, at least as far as it is recorded, to 165 BC! These events allowed the planning of strategies, improving hygiene habits and the development of science and technology in order to preserve the greatest number of lives. However, human foolishness insists on putting up resistance, not cooperating and not being empathic with our fellow men; It seems that even though we have background, science and reliable information, we prefer to do things our way and pay attention only to our reasoning.

I understand and share the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds in relation to this contingency, but the solution to the problem at a global level does not reside in one person, but in everyone. Vaccines began to be developed in 1798 and have been refined to date. Messenger RNA technology, which was used to design some vaccines to deal with Covid-19, is already being used to prevent other known diseases and refine existing vaccines.

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In addition, for most diseases with available vaccine, several doses are required (even later reinforcements), to give the biological time to “work” in our bodies and thus be able to guarantee certain immunity, which is not reached automatically upon entry. the needle in our skin. Ah, I forgot! And even so, there is a probability that, even following the recommendations to the letter, we will contract the disease but hopefully we will not have such a bad time. In addition, there is the probability that even “immunized”, we can be carriers of diseases and transmit them to others who do not have any type of protection. Hence the importance of continuing to wear face masks, hygiene recommendations and healthy distance.

This is not unique to Covid-19, but to all diseases. But then why is it so lethal and contagious? Well, that can be dedicated to another installment but it has to do with the nature of the virus. I am amused that we are demanding with the pharmaceutical company with which we want to be “immunized” since for other vaccines we neither find out that information nor are we interested, we simply go and apply it. Don’t we want “strange things” injected into our bodies? We consume so many products of dubious origin and preparation on a daily basis that this excuse is too much for not getting vaccinated. I trust God and I vote for science. Vaccines are safe and have more studies than many of us put together.

Pandemics have lasted neither days nor weeks, but months and even years. It is in no one’s interest for the world to be at a standstill. None of the conspiracy theories circulating on social networks or WhatsApp are true; although if I am, I prefer to be a “hybrid human with chip” or a “zombie” instead of running away from them. Seriously; Although it is true that the best decisions have not been made, there is also what each of us can contribute and what we are willing to collaborate with to overcome this challenge. I trust that little by little we will see the light. Let’s be responsible, aware, empathetic and get vaccinated.

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