Donna Rosa defends herself after the allegations of her sister Pita Chavetra

A few days ago Pita Savetra, Sister of Rosa Rivera, Charged When Diva de la Banda died, the bank account held by her mother Jenny Rivera’s grandmother was closed.

Now Donna Rosa Rivera comes out to clarify the matter That account reveals that she was not in her mother’s name and was a beneficiary, but when Rosie Rivera accepted her role as her administrator, They closed all her accounts.

“I never see this money, I didn’t even spend a dime from there, Rosie did not even have a fifth left, everything came directly from her bank account (Mexico) to Westfurco Bank. “, Said.

Mrs. Rosa Rivera When Rosie took charge as administrator of the Riviera estate Jenny RiveraShe told him that the money should be for the children of ‘Diva de la Banda’: “I think they don’t know, But there is one more clarity To them and to Pita ”, Said.

‘S mother Jenny Rivera His sister, Father Chavetra, thanks for the rumors maintained He found out around his family that he had no idea what his motives were for doing so.

“I think it’s jealousy, Money often makes people jealous of you We broke up the relationship even for a few thousand talks, this money was changed, 34 thousand dollars, I’m good to have it, these problems will not happen … I could have spent that money on chemotherapy, But Rosie gave it up … thank God I didn’t miss it Here I am “He announced.

Jenny Rivera Divinotas

He insisted that it was not his mother’s account, however, and from there he took the money to maintain the expenses she needed, and sent a strong message to Father Chavedra that the money should be quiet, because the money went entirely to Jenny Rivera’s children.

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