Cristiano Ronaldo could be banned for a month for Juventus scandal

LA Juventus from the turn He is going through one of his worst moments. The Financial corruption The sinking of the Italian club has led to the deduction 15 points In the national competition, the ‘vecchia signora’ has changed and developed the evaluation of footballers in some transfers. surplus value.

After the resignation of a part of the board of directors of the club (Chairman Andrea Agnelli and Vice President Pavel Nedvedamong others) and that Fabi ParadisiNow Tottenham’s sporting director has been given a two-and-a-half-year reprieve and is now being talked about Football players Anyone who played for Juve between 2018 and 2020 could be suspended.

Cristiano Ronaldo and 22 players (Excessive fines apply 30 days Due to the investigation, the footballers should be suspended if it is finally proven whether or not they are currently playing for Juventus. Partners What happens is also considered Convicted of financial fraud.

If this happens, Cristiano will not be able to continue playing with his new club Al Nasser From Saudi Arabia, leave the team during the month the permit lasts. A situation that did not exactly satisfy Al Nasser, who had invested heavily in signing the Portuguese. 200 million Dollars. As Ronaldo has become a staple of the Middle Eastern nation’s league, 30 days could significantly feel the loss of his services.

Report of footballers involved in the ‘Juventus case’

The footballers themselves who were sent to announce 2022 last year acknowledged this: “It was a confusing moment. I remember we all agreed to decide whether we would accept it or not. Many thought that they had given up four months’ salary No one knew that we would have accepted an advance for three months. “I remember correctly that when I signed the waiver agreement, we had already reached an agreement with the club,” he declared.

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Paulo Dybala

A few words were leaked a few months ago.

I remember correctly that we had already reached an agreement with the club when I signed the waiver agreement

Paulo Dybala, former Juventus player

As the Italian media explained tuttosportIn turn, magistrates pointed to violations of federal regulations because of agreements to waive a few months’ salary during the pandemic. They are not deposited in Lega Serie A.

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