Presidential debate for the second round in Argentina, live

Argentina has reached the final week of its election campaign after five months. Argentinians will vote in a second round on November 19 that will determine who will be the next president: Peronist Sergio Massa or far-right Javier Mille. The two candidates will meet face-to-face this Sunday, where they will discuss the economy, international relations, defense, education, health, jobs and security.

This is the last meeting of the candidates after a long campaign. Argentines voted in open primaries in August in the first round in October, and will do so for the last time this Sunday. The panorama is wide open between the two candidates who practically got one-third of the votes each and now have to convince the rest of the electorate. On the one hand, Miley, an anarcho-capitalist and conservative economist who has stripped away the traditional right and appealed to millions of voters disillusioned with politics. On the other hand, Massa, the economy minister of a Peronist government with 140% year-on-year inflation, convinces voters that he is different from the current government.

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