President Buckley announced that the Arena headquarters will become a gymnasium for young athletes

The announcement comes after the government appointed a number of police officers to intervene in the building where the Arena party headquarters operates, in order to seize assets in the structure known as the Taiwan case.

Officers from the Attorney General’s Office and the National Civil Police (PNC) were hanged yesterday after the domain destruction process. At the Arena party headquartersIn San Salvador, Salvador President Naib Bukele confirmed on his Twitter account that the property would be used as a “gym for young athletes.”

In the same announcement, 9 2.9 million to be paid to the party in political debt, confiscated as part of the process, will be used to redesign 15 schools, although he did not specify or specify which educational centers the required amount for each.

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Also, with 17 assets confiscated from the party and 17 vehicles and bank accounts seized, he confirmed that “a fund will be provided to the families of the victims of Los Colinas, Santa Tecla, which is one of the most affected in one area. In the country due to the January and February 2001 earthquakes.

In yesterday’s practice, the Attorney General imposed by the ruling party Rodolfo Delcado; Minister of Justice and Public Security Gustavo Villadoro and Director of Police Mauricio Arias Sikas and other police chiefs.

More than 100 PNC agents participated in the practice. Photo by EDH / Francisco Rubio

According to Delcato, this is one of the proposed legal actions to “recover” funds donated to El Salvador by the China-Taiwanese government. In total, this is 9 3.9 million. Members of the Arena Party, including former presidents Elias Antonio Saga and Francisco Flores, have been accused of diverting about $ 10 million for partisan activities, allegedly donated from Taiwan in the wake of the 2001 earthquakes.

For its part, the party leadership issued a statement in which it stressed that “El Salvador faces an immediate danger to a dictatorship” and that President Buckeye and the prosecuting attorney and “police who worshiped him” are trying to divert attention from corruption related to the current government. So as not to confront the people of Salvador and the international community. “

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Similarly, the statement stressed that the party headquarters had been “abducted and threatened with the intent to keep us silent”, for which the president had to “show his face” and dismiss his cabinet officials indicated on the Engel list.

In the speech, Arena called on the party organization not to confine itself to the walls of a headquarters or a building, but to draw the attention of the international community to what is happening in the Salvador region. “We will continue to be a political opposition,” he concludes.

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