Pre-Olympic athletes targeting Europe

The Mexican team Who are participating Pre-Olympic Concoff There is a generation of footballers integrated into their teams, and there are even statistics, which is why they dream of passing as far as they can allow. Be an export item to Europe, They are already in view of some collections of the old continent.

Johan Vasquez | Cookers

Defender came to the University Club hoping he would add a few minutes as he was designed as an alternative, however, he quickly took advantage of the opportunities and got the right from Louis Quintana, as if that was not enough, he became one The most important equipment He has formed a solid duo with Nicholas Freyer, which is why he is one of the fans ’favorites.

Sebastian Cordova | United States

The players who usually introduce the Eagles have European plans, which happened with Ral Jimenez, Diego Reyes and Diego Laines, and since Cர்டrdoba is now the clear case, he got a spot. Miguel Herrera Ownership of the Act; That’s why foreign teams have been following him since 2019, with the Portuguese press highlighting that Benfica is one of the most interested parties, and then Bettis joined with interest, as well as options in Italy.

Jose Juan Maccas | Sivas

He was one of the strongest national attackers of all time, a guaranteed man from 11 steps, and even foreign newspapers like World Football named him Mexican Luis Suarez, which is why Seville has been following him since 2019 and even time. Then there was talk of an opportunity from the Royal Society; Most recent report Interest in Serie A..

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Alexis Vega | Sivas

Since he was in Toluca, he showed a remarkable quality that he was reluctant to show in court, which is why Guadalajara took his services. Despite his ups and downs, in 2020 the player conceded it Contacts with European clubs, He insisted he did not want to rush to his conclusion.

Roberto Alvarado | Blue Cross

Despite being in a club full of famous players, Loose Decades with the title Undeniably, to show that he has appeared 10 times in matches. In this way, the attacker is important in the project of the machine headed by Liga MX.

Charlie Rodriguez | Underlined

The Monterey midfielder is a regular recurring Javier Aguirre project, however, he insists he is spoiling the senior national team because it is that element More calls have come Presented by Gerardo Martino, Because he sees a remarkable present and a bright future.

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