David Beckham reveals his position in the Super League

He left Manchester United and became part of the legendary Galacticos Florentino Perez, Seeks to revolutionize football with realization today European Super League. David Beckham He knows from a different perspective what this enormous change in international football could be and is now the owner of Inter Miami. The English did not see enough of this section of the game caused by the 12 member clubs.

Like Beckham, players like Bill Neville, politicians like Boris Johnson and millions of fans around the world, They disagree with the look of this match, which is only to the advantage of a few and is likely to outweigh the competition., In addition to the general public who can cheer on one weekend a year that one of the giants of the old continent will come to his hometown.

“I am someone who loves football. It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I loved him as a fan when I was a boy, and I am still one. As a player and owner I know that our game is nothing without fans. We need football for everyone to be. We need football to be fair, we need matches based on merit. If we do not protect those values, the game we want is in dangerBeckham wrote on his Instagram account.

Unlike his words being received in support and his position being celebrated, VMLS with economic drive towards Inter Miami in a closed circle. It is also under investigation for the facts that Madhuidi acquired in the last cycle, and Commissioner Dan Carper has said that permission will be granted.

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Florentino Perez denies considering qualifications in the Super League

In an interview with El Sringito, the head of Real Madrid pointed out that depending on the classification that teams can offer based on last year’s win, they can reach the Superlica and compete on the basis of merit. Assuming the league, this second is for matches like Spain and England.

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