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A few days ago Shakira and Gerard Big After a twelve-year relationship, they announced their separation through a press release. Confirmation of the split came after rumors of the football player’s betrayal.

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“We are sorry to confirm that we are leaving. For the well-being of our children, we place the highest priority and ask that their privacy be respected. Thank you for your understanding.”

Although the two do not explain what happened, the rumors of betrayal are increasing day by day. First, Susie Cortes, also known as Miss Pampum, talked about the messages that Piqu allegedly sent to her.

In the last hours, the Spanish press talked about what Piqué’s boyfriend would be like. One of the Catalan’s options is a 22-year-old woman working at a La Travisa bar in Barcelona.

Now, this Sunday Socialité magazine published how Gerard Pique’s night life is. The footballer had the whole strategy of going out at night and meeting other women without being caught by the press or the Colombian singer.

Pique arrived by taxi to his favorite nightclub and left the same way, unnoticed. He entered through a side door, which opened into a secluded alley.

Upon entering the place he reached a separate room. According to this media report, he was with his successes. Especially with the latter who worked and talked a lot in one of those places.

The private room has a red curtain and then the stairs leading to the second floor. Influencer Louisiana Kushmer, along with revelations, told how the Barcelona players’ feasts with women would be.

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“There were a lot of players who misbehaved, were with models and were married,” Louisiana admitted, promising that he was Bigway at those celebrations. Cell phones are not allowed to be used to prevent information about what is going on at these parties.

According to reports from Socialité magazine, the most notable thing is that the magazine says it knows the name of Pik’s new girlfriend, the young woman who caused Shakira to leave.

According to media reports, the woman’s initials are CC, and she has visited Camp Nou several times to watch Piqué play.

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Pick’s new life

The situation of the footballer and singer is now much talked about in Spain. Jordi Martin, a Catalan reporter who specializes in the lives of Barcelona players for many years, is well aware of Pike’s situation. Martin promises that the footballer will be fully committed to his nightlife.

“Let’s talk about Pique’s parties … I’m been following Gerrard for 12 years, Pique is well known in Barcelona, ​​and the parties he hosts … but recently they point out to me that he’s completely out of date. An indecent amount of money is being made up, “Martin explained.That said, the player will spend more than two thousand euros each night, i.e. more than 8 million Colombian pesos per night.

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