The trick of using two WhatsApp accounts on a cell phone

Use two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone. (Photo: Mail)

Officially, only one can be installed. Processor Of Share And use an account PhoneBut There are ways to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a cell phone. With pre-installed third-party applications or applications.

In the above context, Infobae offers how you can keep two WhatsApps in one place Android Utilizes the features of some phones And through the free apps available Google Games.

How to know if the processor copying function is present in the cell phone

With the rise of mobile phones that support multiple SIM cards, Android manufacturers have had to work hard to ensure that you can use both of these SIM cards and that there may be two different phone numbers. With two more phone numbers, you may want to use two different accounts Messaging application.

Dual messaging or app mirroring is not currently a standard Android feature, so it depends on whether the phone manufacturer wants to add it or not. Honestly, Samsung It is included in some mobiles and not included in others.

Use dual message on Samsung cell phone.  (Photo: Androidphoria)
Use dual message on Samsung cell phone. (Photo: Androidphoria)

In this article Take, for example, Samsung phones with dual messaging. The process is very simple. It should be noted that Gradually becoming identical to other brands of mobile devices; For example, OnePlus, Huawei etc.

1. Open Setting up.

2. Dual messaging systems are partially hidden in mobile systems. Scroll vertically through the list until you find it Improved features.

3. Here you have to search and touch Double messaging. If this option does not appear on the Samsung mobile phone, it may not be included.

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4. Now in the dual messaging section you only need to enable the functionality for the desired messaging applications: in this case, Share. The list shows compatible applications currently installed.

5. Before performing this function, you must accept the exception Responsibility.

6. The second comes after the first confirmation. At this point, you need to confirm it You want to install another copy of WhatsApp, This will be the one that can be used with another account.

7. This new copy will have a different icon so they will be differentiated. Click Install.

8. Ready, you have New WhatsApp on mobile phone, With small stacked logo in the bottom right corner. This WhatsApp clone works completely independently from the original, So you can link another WhatsApp account with another phone number.

Dual messaging on mobile devices.  (Photo: Androidphoria)
Dual messaging on mobile devices. (Photo: Androidphoria)

If not from the factory, you can use a third-party application

If you do not have the function of cloning the app on the mobile phone, you can get two versions of WhatsApp, there are many apps that can help you on Google Play. AppClone One Parallel space, Name a few. The latter is recommended for best compatibility.

Parallel spaces actually create a ‘Co-location’ You can install applications without interfering with external applications. This way, when installing another copy of WhatsApp externally it is possible to install a copy of WhatsApp internally. Here is the step by step:

Parallel place to use both versions of WhatsApp.  (Photo: GooglePlay)
Parallel place to use both versions of WhatsApp. (Photo: GooglePlay)

1. When the app is opened for the first time, it automatically creates space in a process that takes less than a minute. When you are done, press Get started.

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2. Next step Select the applications you want to install in this parallel space. Parallel Spaces will select some apps in advance, but if you are only interested in WhatsApp, it is better to select WhatsApp and opt out the rest to improve performance.

3. Click Add in parallel space.

4. Done, you have now installed a copy of WhatsApp.

To open the icon and touch it, you may see the possibility of logging into another account on the same phone and using a different WhatsApp. As always, before you start using your other WhatsApp you need to verify the phone number by text or call.

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