Portal 2 traveled to space in real life thanks to an anonymous NASA technician

Today we still don't know who is responsible, but the story is still – to say the least – very strange.

Although in reality it is little more than that A loving tribute to an anonymous NASA employeeThe fact is that Portal 2 had a clash with the American civil space program. The story goes back to 2012, when the Japanese restoration ship Konotori 3 (HTV-3) was launched towards the International Space Station through a program of the aforementioned US government agency in a cooperative project.

What happened? Well, the truth is that it's actually nonsense, as what happened is that a technician – who to this day still has not revealed his identity – He depicted Wheatley on one of the nave panels. In fact, the artificial intelligence that gave us so much in the second part of the saga finally managed to fulfill its dream and traveled into space, albeit in a somewhat unexpected way.

Gate 2 and Whitley made it to space “thanks” to NASA

As we see in the picture (retrieved by media thinkwithportals), the AI ​​in Portal 2 appears on one of the ship's panels with the words: “In spaaaaas!”. The print on the above board reminded us that everyone can enjoy a good video game, whatever their profession. Of course, we cannot say that it is an official cooperation. never.

Image sourced from thinkwithportals.

The aforementioned media also highlighted this. NASA would never have approved of someone laser-engraving a video game reference onto one of the panels of their spacecraft.. For this reason, of course, the person responsible for these strange details will never be revealed. What we don't know is how the image managed to get into the hands of this or other media, but it's not something that interests us much either. The truth is that the portal reached space… though that way.

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