White people stumble! Quito League allows Universitario de Deportes to return to Copa Libertadores Football | game

A A double by Jose Rivera Sealed Universitario de Deportes win against Liga de Quito (2-1).At the beginning of its participation fell in Lima Libertadores Cup 2024.

Rivera troubled the Azucena defense, He managed to put the Creams in front 26 minutes into the game, but a revised action in VAR disallowed the goal due to a foul on Ecuador defender Segundo Portogarero in the previous game.

El Nacional registers its new directory with the Ministry of Sports

From fear, the league celebrated. A short clearance from the back ends the ball at leg Lionel QuiƱones beat goalkeeper Sebastian Britos with a powerful shot 1-0 in the 28th minute.

The league was very dangerous in the first halfBut in the filling came the reaction of the locals Tunje Rivera as a figure.

He scored to make it 1-1 in the 50th minute Rivera surprised defenders with a defined header while closing down a play with a cross from Martin Perez.

The league never recovered from the blow and Rivera took advantage of the defensive mistake Albos led Universitario to a 2-1 win.

Peruvian striker Defender Facundo latched onto Rodriguez's late pass Expect a shutout from goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez and Send the ball into the net (69 minutes).

with advantage, The varsity player excelled in bowlingI was able to control the game and avoid the problem The white team lost the drive shown in the first half of the game. (D)

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