The resident of The House of the Famous 4 debuts as “Head of the Week”.

Former Major League Baseball player known as Jose Bernab Reyes “molasses”Tuesday night became The House of the Famous 4's new “President of the Week.”

This is the first time that an athlete who is a member of “Cuarto Agua” has won the award. Last week, Puerto Rican Maribili Rivera won.

Among the qualities that a leader has, is The key to the package, a private suite that includes groceries, snacks, a pool table, and a Jacuzzi. Another benefit is opportunity You can spy on your colleagues More by monitors, it Cannot recommend on Thursday gala. You can also choose another resident to move into the suite with you.

This week, The privilege of choosing another participant again fell to the public. Chosen by the audience ClovisFrom “The Fourth Earth”.

The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 7:00pm (Tuesdays at 11:30pm) and Sundays at 8:00pm on Telemundo Puerto Rico.

The 13 residents of The House of the Famous 4 are competing for the $200,000 grand prize:

1. Lubilo Rivera

2. Maribili Rivera

3. Pedro “La Divasa” Figueroa

4. Jose Reyes

5. Alana Literas

6. Clovis Nianov

7. Ariadna Gutiérrez

8. Silvia del Valle

9. Rodrigo Rome

10. Christina Porta

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11. Alexa Genesis

12. Geraldine Bazan

13. Patricia Corsino

14. Paulo Quivedo

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