Ponton places the promotion of science as a priority so that Galicia leaves the country’s “tail” in innovation

The frontal leader appeals to bring together the “avant-garde and scientific legacy” of the Galician Studies Symposium

Santiago de Compostela, October 14 (European Press) –

BNG’s national spokesperson, Anna Ponton, has set the promotion of science as a priority for a hypothetical future government in measures such as establishing an institute that will work to “attract and retain scientific talent”.

“Galicia must become a scientific reference,” Ponton said on Saturday in Ortuño, in the municipality of Ames in A Coruña, where he participated with members of the Bloc administration in an event to commemorate the centenary of the Galician Studies Symposium held together at the house. Where Rosalia de Castro spent her childhood.

There, according to a statement, the nationalist leader committed to implementing a “concrete, ambitious and realistic” policy agenda to promote science and innovation if she reaches Zonta after the next regional elections.

For Ponton, it is necessary to “define” the research profession at the administrative level in order to “eliminate instability” in science, around which he calls for a “charter” at the autonomous level that includes “all agents of the ecosystem.” It has sufficient resources.

He lamented that 14 years of PP governments meant, according to Ponton, that Galicia “stands at the bottom” of the country in investment in science, R&D and innovation, with “less than 1% of GDP”, four tenths below the average The country is “less than half the average Euskadi and light years from Sweden, Germany or Belgium”.

The latest proposal launched by the national spokesman on Saturday was the launch of “Innogal”, an institute following in the footsteps of “Ikerbasque” in Euskadi or “Icrea” in Catalonia so that Galicia can “capture and retain scientific talent”. “.

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“Galicia must become a scientific reference, but for that it needs a government committed to science as an essential tool for the future. This government, in the interest of science, and in the interest of our researchers, is the government of Galician change to which I aspire.” To head,” he said.

Gallegian Studies Symposium

In front of Rosalía’s childhood home in Ortuño, Ponton stated that the BNG wanted to “bring together the avant-garde and scientific legacy” represented by the Galician Studies Seminar, which he positioned as the “inspiration of Galicia” that the nationalists wanted to build. Of this “government of change” that they see as “too close to becoming a reality.”

“A seminar born not of a spontaneous generation, but of high ideals, through commitment, through struggle and a lot of generosity,” declared Ponton, who described the Seminario de Estudos Galegos as “a great, enormous national explosion that produced a constellation of organizations.” who shared a common project: the great task of national construction of Galicia, ushering in an era of modernity, justice, self-government and collective pride.”

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