Costa Rica-Honduras visa standoff forces Concacaf to make last-minute change in battle against Cuba


Zero Hour is coming and Honduras national team continues to prepare for a critical battle against Cuba For the 4th day Concacaf Nations League.

One of the doubts to be resolved is the match referee, who will administer justice in this kill-or-be-killed fight. National Chelato Ucl├ęs.

The CONCACAF Appointed Guatemala Mario Escobar Refereeing this complicated match in the capital Honduras This Sunday starts at 6pm.

However, Chapin was not chosen to referee the match because the Costa Rican, Keylor Herrera, It was appointed in advance to settle this compromise Tegucigalpa.

What I didn’t expect CONCACAF There is a visa problem in between Honduras-Costa RicaA clash that rocked the tournament due to a playoff Concacaf Champions 2024.

That’s why our football governing body decided to make a change depending on the referee who gives justice in a fight that confirms the second classification of Group B. League of Nations.

The National bicolour It is third in its zone, but a win over Cuba puts it in the quarterfinals. Nations League 2023-2024.


Center Referee: Mario Escobar (Guatemala)

Fixed bearing: Luis Ventura (Guatemala)

Fixed bearing: Humberto Banjoj (Guatemala)

Fourth Referee: Oliver Vergara (Panama)

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