Political party traps benefit science and technology with 1.6 million pesos – El Sol de Cuernavaca

The The Morelos Institute for Electoral Processes and Citizen Participation (Impepac) has allocated 595 thousand 810 pesos to the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Morelos; The amount was collected as a result of fines and irregularities committed by various political parties.

Impepac President, Miria Gali Jorda, pointed out that political parties are the entities that bring citizens together in terms of principles and values, as well as specific political interests, so By not complying with certain criteria, the National Electoral Institute (INE) is empowered to punish them.

“This resource will be delivered to areas of the community where labor sources, new technologies and improvements are developed for the community at large.”

In 2021, as a result of the sanctions applied in 2020, an amount of 16 million pesos was delivered.

To collect this resource, Gali Gorda said political parties are deducted monthly with no more than 50 percent of their powers, so this must be done in a scheduled manner and adapt to a series of restrictions on how to obtain those fines.

These deductions are set out in the General Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures, in Book Eight of the System of Electoral Penalties and Internal Discipline, in Title I for Electoral Violations and Their Punishments, Chapter One of Subjects, Punishable Conduct and Sanctions, Article 458., which states: “The resources obtained through the application of economic sanctions deriving from infractions committed by persons subject to the electoral sanctions regime mentioned in this eighth book, will be allocated to the National Council for Science and Technology in accordance with applicable provisions, when imposed by the authorities, federal agencies and government agencies responsible for promoting and developing and the development of science, technology and innovation when imposed by local authorities.”

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Supporting science and technology is of paramount importance in the state of Morelos, as it is the third entity with the largest number of scientists working and living here.can be contracted with research institutions.

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