Neo Garcia: “They tricked me with lies and lies”

This morning, a lawsuit was filed in federal court for the Southern District of Florida where urban artist Neo Garcia is seeking resolution of his recording contract with AH Entertainment, Inc., a company well-known in the world of art like Flo Law. Movie Inc.

According to information released through a press release, the company has been led since 2016 by executive producer Jose Hernandez, known as “Flo La Movie”, who inspired Neo’s artistic career, launching musical hits such as “Te Boté Remix” and “AM Remix”. , among others.

Hernandez died in a plane crash on December 15, 2021. “As a result of the tragedy, the producer’s mother, Elianes Ruiz, declared herself the president of Flo La Movie and her son’s sole heir, according to the suit. However, till date there is no declaration of successors and Mr. Ms. Ruiz wants to remove Hernandez’s only surviving daughter,” the brief reads

“Mr. Given the fact that she was not appointed by the probate court as executor of Hernandez’s estate, the lawsuit alleges that Ms. Ruiz unlawfully controlled Flow Law Movie’s operations. Ms. Ruiz was accused of doing everything she could to derail Neo Garcia’s music career. Neo is asking the court to release him from the registration agreement or, alternatively, order him to appoint a suitable person to manage the company and ensure compliance with his contractual obligations.

Through his social networks, Neo Garcia revealed: “I was crazy enough to release music, but they tricked me with lies and lies.”

The press release added: “Ms. Ruiz submitted to the court pro se. Hernandez’s will is highly questionable. There is no original document, but in our opinion a legally issued copy. The law in the state of Florida states that when there is no original will, the maker of the will is presumed to have destroyed/or revoked it, and the situation must be treated as if the will did not exist,” he said. Mr. Edwin Prado, Neo Garcia’s lawyer. “For that reason, the case is filed in the Probate Court of Polk County, FL, between the defendant, Ilianz Ruiz, and Keiglian Hernandez, the only surviving daughter of Mr. Hernandez, who is currently fighting for her inheritance rights as Mr. Hernandez’s sole heir.”

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