Symptoms that indicate a low automatic transmission oil level

Auto transmission is responsible To provide the power needed for the vehicle’s steering wheels to be able to operate.

like the engine Auto transmission consists of many Metal parts, gears and discs that need a lubricant to function properly, in addition to avoiding dry friction that can damage all of its parts.

It is very important to The transmission always has the right amount of oilThis has no less and no more.

If your car automatic transmission has a lot of oil Its performance will not be optimal. So before you start the car and want to move on, make sure the level isn’t low and if you think it’s too low, pay attention to the signals your car gives.

How does a low transmission oil level affect operation?

If your car with automatic transmission has a low level of lubricant, it mainly causes delays in shifting gears.

This delay is due to the fact that we will not have enough oil pressure in the lubrication circuit. With a low lubrication level, it will take the transmission two to three seconds to build up enough pressure to shift gears.

In normal operation, the automatic transmission should be quiet and smooth for the driver. But if you start to hear a rattling noise or a rhythmic knocking noise while the gear is shifting, there may be a problem with the torque converter due to the low oil level.

Symptoms of low transmission fluid

Drops or puddles under the car
Difficulty changing gears and/or sliding
– Shake or tremble
– tremors or sudden tremors
– The transmission is not activated
– Buzzing or roaring sounds
Burning smell

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