A state of emergency has been declared in New York due to the spread of the polio virus

(CNN) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul has declared a statewide disaster emergency amid evidence of the spread of the coronavirus. PoliomyelitisState health officials said the move is to increase the availability of resources, including expanding the network of polio vaccine administrators.

The Analysis Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sequential sewage surveillance found polio samples in Nassau County, bringing the total to five counties: Rockland County, Orange County, Sullivan County, New York City, and now Nassau County.

An August sample from Nassau County, Long Island, was genetically linked to a case identified in Rockland County, showing further evidence of widespread community transmission.

All of the samples are “specimens of concern,” meaning strains of polio that can cause paralysis in humans.

“To strengthen the immunization campaign, immediately expand the network of polio vaccine administrators to include emergency service workers, midwives and pharmacists, and authorize physicians and registered nurses to issue specific polio vaccine orders to patients,” the official says. Report.

The order requires health care providers to provide polio immunization data to state health departments and to focus vaccination efforts where needed.

“When polio comes, we can’t leave it to chance,” said state health commissioner Dr. Mary D. Bassett warned of the risk of disease.

“Don’t wait to get vaccinated,” he stressed.

Can polio be vaccinated more than once? 1:21
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