Epic! When James Bond and Queen Elizabeth II entered the grounds

It happened at the London Olympics in 2012 Felix Sanchez gave him his first gold medal For the Dominican Republic in athletics, one of the most epic records in the history of these world fairs was made. Queen Elizabeth II of England, The Queen of England, Her Majesty And James Bond entered the Olympic Stadium in a certain way.

Bond picks her up at Buckingham Palace and takes her to the helicopter. The approximately 7-minute video was projected onto the London Arena’s giant screenWhere the presentation was found.

Part of the video features Daniel Craig (James Bond) and the Queen

Daniel Carrick portrayed the famous 007 and Queen herself was the protagonist of the video. Walking through town, ordinary citizens greeted her, and a statue of Winston Churchill came to life and greeted her. Everyone had to do that helicopter. Until she got to the stadium the Queen (or her double in the video), jumped… by parachute!

The aforementioned spectacle transcended boundaries, not just the quality of the event it presented, but the Olympic Games, But Elizabeth II’s ability to participate in this genre went beyond pure sport and involved the entertainment of audiences from all corners of the world in some way..

Finally, live and live, QueenShe walked in the front door with her late husband Philip of Edinburgh. Both officers were welcomed amid applause and then proceeded to the Hall of Honour. To officially kick off those memorable London 2012 Olympic Games.

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