‘Polilo’ Gomes after defeat against Colombia: “We are in crisis because we did not win”

Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Honduras national team coach Hernான்n ‘Polilo’ Gomez later spoke at a news conference. Defeat against Colombia (2-1). In a friendly match in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

The Colombian coach analyzed the match, what his team did, the pressure to not win after three games under Bieger’s leadership and the future call for the Confederations Cup final triple FIFA date towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

About the competition

“We do not look bad, but there are many things to improve. We face a very talented competitor with the best players. Sometimes we try to do things that work, but we have to improve a lot physically, be strong enough to win the fight, not lose so much ball when we go out. .It does not end here, we are building a path, there are players here who have provided other opportunities for other opportunities.

Pressure to succeed

“Failures are never good, we work to gain style and identity, and we suffer a lot, and we’re going to face failures, but on the day we start to succeed, style and identity are not what we are. One thing is going to be lost. Strong, it is football with a certain advantage, its players work well.

Things to improve

“There were good moments in the match, we did not look bad, we submitted and did important things, but we still had to finish what we started, and often had to win fights. Today the team had an order, there were some options for that, but there were options because we didn’t have too many people , But we’re starting a job, it’s not over here, it’s worth it today, we did not ‘It looks bad, but we need to improve, we saw important things against Colombia.

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Why didn’t he call for more perspectives

“Wait for others to come. We kept them, and eventually they left us with diseases, and other forwards left Honduras. It was a game to watch today and there are guys who are going to give us a hand in the future. Today things are not done badly, yes, we need to move forward, but we are in that situation, we are in crisis because we did not succeed, we are looking for important people. It does not end there. ”

Which players would you invite to remove from this list?

“We are going to analyze which players are going to join others outside the country and who are the starting players in this team and we are going to provide a list for the tie at the right time. Some players are coming back ”.

About Columbia of Wheel

“This is a team, there are good players where the ball falls. When we look at the payroll we say ‘good team’. It’s football at the legendary level, Colombian football at the national team level does not lose to Chile, Brazil or Argentina. It is a big and important team. It can highlight some players but it Collectively, Yasser Aspirilla shows interesting things and has a wonderful future.

Delayed changes

“Many of the team we work with fell ill and these players I put in the second half were the ones who got on the plane. I put the first players in our charge with us on a joint, tactical and orderly mission, so the changes were delayed, but I do not consider them to be fair and natural. Entered in the moment, they give us a good chance.

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