PLD support is important to recognize a PC trust agreement

Support from a large section of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) delegation House of Representatives, An organization that was promoted during the last presidential decree of Danilo Medina Catalina Point, Is important for the government to get the agreement approved Escrow Of the thermoelectric plant in that hemicycle.

In the lower house, a total of 102 votes were cast in favor of the initiative; 64 votes were cast by representatives of the official party Modern Revolutionary (PRM); 24, three from the PLD, three from the People’s Army and three from the Quisqueyano Christian Democratic Party-Party Cívico Renovador and the Social Democratic Constituency (PQDC-PCR-BIS).

In addition, two representatives of the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC) supported its endorsement; Two from the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), two from the Allianza Bais (Albice) and two from the Dominicans for Change (DxC) and the Broad Front (FA) constituency.

According to the legal number. Similar to the meeting of the Permanent Finance Commission on January 6, 35 last House of Representatives Radhamés Camacho, PLD deputy and a member of the PLD’s political committee, recalled that he had not attended the previous meeting of the delegation and asked for 10 to 15 minutes to make a “small call” for further consultation. His party’s position on the deal Escrow. “I got the plan Escrow I also sent experts in the area to our political elites, ”he said.

Later, during a formal session on January 11, PLD representatives Loop Nunes and Radamese Camacho highlighted its relevance. Escrow To manage Catalina Point. Núñez hopes with this deal Escrow It is an efficient, profitable plant and is recognized as contributing a total of 784 MW to the country’s electricity service. Estimated that Catalina Point It is rated as one of the top 10 brands in the world by its designers Sterling Consulting. “The Dominican Liberation Party supports this initiative, and it is a law that was initiated and approved by the PLD’s efforts,” he said.

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Camacho said that “God puts things in their place” and “The Escrow For Catalina Point No matter what flag we have, we as politicians must serve ourselves … always measure our style and expression ”.

The Thermoelectric Power Plant was inaugurated by President Danilo Medina on July 29, 2020 with an initial investment of US $ 1,945 million.

They wanted to approve it beforehand

Chairman of House of RepresentativesAlfredo Pacheco, who attended the last meeting of the Standing Finance Commission, explained to his colleagues that he was present at the meeting to clarify doubts about the deal. Escrow To manage Catalina Point It can be recognized in the last ordinary legislature and prevent the executive from convening a new legislature or extending the current one. He explained that this was a very important issue and that the closing period of the legislature was approaching and if it was approved in the legislature starting on February 27, the initiative could be extended to March.

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