Alex Chap – Venezuela – The first Justice Party to expel representatives who defended the international community

In 2019 it was reported that several opposition representatives had taken measures for security in Colombia and European countries Alex Chop And his allies – despite the fact that the National Assembly Regulatory Commission has long been gesturing to Barranquilero Nicolas MaduroUpon learning of the information, it was revealed that they belonged to the Primrose Justice (PJ) and the Voland Popular (VP) parties. They were immediately expelled from those organizations.

Alex Chop, under the guidance of Nicolas Maduro, through his financial network, urged us to act with all speed and strength for the damage he has done to Venezuela.

BJP national leader Juan Pablo Cuaniba insisted they were members of parliament Luis Para, Jose Brito and Conrado Perez They were relieved of their duties after being attached to some “good behavior” letters in support of Saab and one of its companies. “These delegates were already collaborating with the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. They were the ones who tried to present the parliamentary conspiracy in January 2019 with the faction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Guanipa, who also serves as deputy speaker of parliament led by Juan Guide, told EL TIEMPO that Para, Brito and Perez, along with leaders of other parties, had received money from Madurismo and that “today they are called scorpions.”

The vice-chancellor insists that the party withdraw from the actions of the aforementioned MPs because the BJP, realizing that they were associated with Savismo, acted “quickly” to oust them.

“Alex Chop, under the guidance of Nicolas Maduro, did to Venezuela because of the damage caused by his financial network. He urged us to act with all speed and strength, and we did so,” Guanipa said.

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For its part, Leopoldo Lopez, In a letter to the EL TIEMPO, the National Leader of the Popular Will Party, promised that it would be permissible to clarify that the popular optional representatives known as ‘Operation Allegron’ had been expelled from our ranks. Process. “

(Article updated with the pronunciation of the popular custom party).

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Caracas Venezuela)

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