Julio César Chávez is proud to have visited Canelo alvarez; ‘Champion and Friend’

Mexico City /

After a few weeks in the eyes of the hurricane by the controversial statements of his eldest son, the legendary Julio Caesar Chavez It took a while to relax in the company Saul ‘Canolo’ Alvarez.

“A pleasure Hello my dear friend And champion Cinnamon! Thank you for your attention as always, “he wrote on his Twitter account. Chavez Gonzalez.

Despite the comparisons about who is the best player in Mexican boxing, Julio Caesar Chavez Y Saul Alvarez They have formed friendships in recent years as Canelo even went with him to his last exhibition.

Forget controversies

A few days ago they echoed some of the statements Julio Caesar Chavez Jr.. Blasphemes father ‘ComplicatedTheir relationship.

“Go figure What I lived with my dadI enjoyed many things. My dad is hard to bear. He’s a great athlete, that’s all, because maybe, if they get to know him, they’re going to love him, ”he said.

Remember that relationship Julio Caesar Chavez He was not the best with his son because he was involved in a controversy over an accusation Armed area And his friendship Ovid Guzman, Heir to Kabo Joao’s ‘Sappho’ Guzman.


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