“Players’ agents see only their own interests”

Tusco Wuzosevic came to Cluj-Napoca with big plans to develop Romanian basketball and has been involved in the lives of young people at the academy, but also in the life of the senior team.

The Serbian technician attended the press conference prior to the match at the CPU and had a series of surprising statements with a clear goal: player agents. Wujosevic gave the impression that Tudor omăcescu was out He believes this was done against his will and that the young player was victimized by agents.

“One of the most talented Romanians went to the United States to grow professionally. I personally congratulate him on where he needs to go to achieve his goals. Unfortunately, in many less developed countries soldiers are going abroad. I don’t think this is the best thing because this event is happening in Serbia as well. It only happens with player agents who have their own interests.I do not respect these people and this job because they think first and then only player.I think youth can develop in Romania too.I cannot accept that a man can be an agent, a coach and a club leader at the same time. Players’ agents should no longer say they want to help Romanian basketball because they only see their own interest. If young Romanian players go abroad, ordinary people can start playing in the national league. If so, Romanian basketball will never improve, ”said Vujosevic.

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