Kamala Harris resigned from the Senate to take over the vice president of the United States

DPA reported that Kamala Harris formally resigned from the US Senate on Monday, before assuming the mandate of the Vice President. She will make a landmark debut on Wednesday, being the first woman to reach the position.

Harris has been a California senator since 2017. In a letter to Gov. Gavin Newson, she announced that her resignation will take effect at noon Monday. Later, Newsom named Alex Padilla, the California secretary of state, in his place for the past two years.

In an editorial published in the San Francisco Chronicle before his resignation, Harris told Californians that “this is not a farewell” and suggested that he could make it to the Senate. “Now that I have resigned (…) I am preparing to take the oath that will lead me to (the Senate). As Senator Walter Mundell once pointed out, Vice President, Vice President is the only position in our government that belongs to both the Executive, as well as The legislative branch, “she wrote.

Harris has already recorded another landmark show, being the first woman of color to represent California in the US Senate. As the Vice President of the Nation, her vote will be decisive in the event of a tie for and against a decision in the Senate.

The Department of Political Affairs said its authority will likely be vital to future President Joe Biden. The future Democratic leader in the White House intends to pass laws in the Senate in which Republicans hold 50 seats, or half.

In a quoted editorial, Harris noted that US Vice Presidents have decided the outcome of the Senate voting only 268 times in the country’s history. “I intend to work tirelessly as Vice President, including, if necessary, to fulfill this constitutional duty. At the same time, I hope the Senate will find common ground and work for the American people, instead of achieving equality.” she.

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Harris’ first test could be done soon: Biden hopes Congress will debate the $ 1.9 trillion package he proposed to stimulate the US economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In the House of Representatives, voting is unlikely to be an issue; Democrats dominate the House of Representatives in Congress and approved a larger aid package last spring.

However, Senate Republicans have long refused to support any high spending on aid, which means they could end up with 50 votes in favor of the measures Biden proposed and 50 votes against. In that case, Harris could step in and vote decisively to pass the legislation.

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